Orestis Old Cottage House

A truly unique experience!

The 150 years old, Orestis Turkish House have been a property that has recreate a unique atmosphere of vintage feeling to each of every visitor. A unique vintage style cottage house perfectly located and surrounded by Greek green landscapes, trees, flowers and a stunning view at the White Mountains and at the sea of Chania gulf.

‘Orestis’ house is one of a kind house of 95 sq., that accommodate up to five or six guests within two spacious bedrooms, one living room, fully equipped kitchen and a private bathroom.

A big detached private terrace can offer the ultimate relaxing atmosphere and a joyful view to the traditional village of Stalos.

The building in which this house is,  was constructed during the Turkish occupation of Crete, probably in the middle 19th century. A typical arch as well as the front garden are an indication of its age and architecture. The rumor is that it served as the residence of the region’s Turkish ruler since it was considered the best and most comfortable house in the village. 

Feel, taste, smell and create your dreaming holidays in this unique place!